Thoughts about trusting.

I’ve been thinking lately and soul searching. about fully putting trust in God. I mean fully fully trusting God. I mean really fully fully trusting God.

There are many things in this life we can put our “trust” in.

We can put our trust in our own life. But, ask my sister’s husband, Ross. His sister, Kristen, age 20, woke up with a headache and passed away a few hours later. It was a complete shock. 6 months later, his brother, Jonathan, age 16 was at work, and felt dizzy, and passed away shortly thereafter. It was a complete shock. No warning, just gone. Later, they found out that they both had rare heart issues no one ever knew about. Our son, when he was 3, almost passed away in the ambulance due to bleeding on his brain. So, we really cannot trust our own life or how long we have to live.

We can put our trust in our own self. Well, I know that I’ve screwed up plenty of times. So, we know we really can’t trust ourselves.

We can put our trust in our jobs. We could lose that in a heartbeat. We could be let go at any time. A friend of ours just lost his. So, we can’t put our trust in our jobs.

We can put our trust in our houses. Ask anyone who lost their home in the November 2013 tornado, and they will tell you that your house can be gone in the blink of an eye. So, we really can’t put our trust in our houses.

We can put our trust in our money. But, we could lose that also as we have seen with our unstable economy or serious health issues, or financial plans falling through, businesses failing, unexpected repairs to houses or cars. So, we really can’t put our trust in our money.

We can put our trust in our spouse or family members. They will fail us. We will fail them. Ask a single mom from the Heart House where I volunteer. Our family members will fail us and we will fail them. Our spouse or family members could pass away at any time. So, we really can’t trust in our spouse or family members.

We can put our trust in our health. At any time, we could find out we have cancer. Ask my husband’s cousin-his family. He was in his early twenties and had 2 small children. He passed away of cancer. We cannot trust in our health.

Feeling overwhelmed? Who can we trust? Who can we turn to? This life does not promise easy roads, but I’ve got some HOPE!!!!!!! I’ve got some good news!!!!! Who will never leave us or forsake us? His name is Jesus. He chose for you and for me, to die on a cross, shed his innocent blood for us, in all our sin and messiness, so that one day we can be with Him in heaven for eternity. Today, right now, will you choose HIM? Are you willing to give your life to Him? Let Him come in to your heart? Will you let Him change you? He is waiting, with His arms wide open. He loves you unconditionally and promises to be with you throughout your life, never leaving you. Are you fully trusting Him? He is the way to fulfillment and true peace. He is the way to true love. JESUS!


One thought on “Thoughts about trusting.

  1. bonnie boucher

    Hope, a great post to ponder on. Becasue of my cancer situation I have come to realize on this jounery or any path we are on we have no control of that situation. BUT because I am a beliver in Jesus I don’t have to worry or fret about my life becasue I am HIS…so I learend to trust Him more becasue of my cancer. I know God has my back and it’s all in his hands for whatever reason He sees to use this diease to bring Glory to Him. SO i’ts really not about me at all it’s about HIM..what he needs to do so we do trust and depend on HIm instead of this earth which will die one day……we need to let it all go and let him do what he needs to do. I know easier said than done…love you so very much…remember the verse: I press on towards the goal which is Christ Jesus….hang in there


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