Our Crazy Awesome God

Look at a painting. the detail. the choice of colors. how it all comes together and becomes something beautiful. Did it paint itself? How was it made? all of a sudden, bang, it was there? Did it start as a piece of nothing and slowly evolve, BY ITSELF, over time, into an intricate, beautiful work of art? No. Of course not. It had a designer. Someone who took great care, time, and effort to create something beautiful.

Look at us as people. the details of how our body works together to make us alive. Look at our heart. It beats howmanyever (i may have made that word up) times a day without us even thinking of it. Our brains allowing us to think. Our eyes see. Our lungs breathe. Our digestive system digests our food. I mean its CRAZY AWESOME. How we were formed as babies, grew, were born. Its a miracle of life.

Just like paintings, we are designed, only much much much more complicated. We don’t question that paintings were designed. We just know that someone did it. Think how much more complicated our bodies are than a painting.We have a Creator whose name is God. The God. The only God. And He loved us so much, He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross and shed His blood for us and rose from the grave, victorious.  What other King was willing to die for us? What other King was willing to do this for us? NO ONE. He was willing to do this for everyone. For you.

We were designed carefully and with love by a Creator for a purpose. HIS purpose. Not to be a successful money making machine or have a mansion or a sweet car or the best clothes or hair on the block.  He wants us to have a fulfilling life by serving others, giving, loving, and being kind. By giving Him our lives, our hearts. Believing that He died on the cross and rose again.That is where its at. Christ is the only way. Seriously. And He loves YOU!


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